The Actions


It is said “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”. What do we do to be involved and show we care?


If we care, we are involved. When we engage and participate our level of care grows. Everyone associated with the school can be involved – students, parents, teachers, administrators and members of the community.

Raise Money for Operation Underground Railroad

As horrible as it is, trafficked victims are only SUPPLIED because there is a DEMAND for what they provide. By living these simple AWARENESS principles, we increase individual character in ourselves and the people we know, and reduce the demand for trafficked victims by not becoming perpetrators. We make a difference for people we don’t know by supporting Operation Underground Railroad and disrupting the supply of victims.



Parents, Students, Teachers and Administrators

Step 1: Together, parents and their students, take and discuss O.U.R. – Know the Signs of Human Trafficking – Online Training, and receive individual certificates of completion.

Step 2: Together, parents and their students, budget and donate what they can to O.U.R. – AWARE & CARE Campaign.

If every family in the school donates at least $5 a month to the campaign, we continuously help children who are being trafficked and we constantly remind ourselves of our principles, vision and mission. The reason to introduce small, yet regular donations is to create continuous conversations between parents and their children. Everyone’s awareness is sustainable over time as they counsel together and regularly evaluate their efforts and participation. Any donations make a difference and are appreciated. Donations are voluntary and should be wisely considered within each family’s budget.
Students should not expect parents just to pay. Students contribute by being continually helpful at home; doing chores, being resourceful – efficiently using family funds to minimize waste and costs, and being kind so family energies can be used in productive ways. Students will know their efforts protect themselves and contribute to rescuing other children. This provides opportunities for parents and children to talk about hard subjects, which create stronger bonds and capable individuals.

Step 3: To measure our effort, send individual certificates of completion to:

Step 4: Coming Soon


Community Sponsors

Knowing the students are personally engaged and contributing, community sponsors appreciate the efforts and are more willing to give their own support. They know their own hard-earned dollars and efforts are not wasted but respected and appreciated by the students.

Step 1: Match school contributions within their own capabilities and budgets. The contributed dollar amount is secondary to the participation and synergy created within the community.

Step 2: Encourage their employees and stakeholders to take and discuss O.U.R. – Know the Signs of Human Trafficking – Online Training with their own families. Asking them to donate personally within their individual family circumstances.

Step 3: Arrange to have an executive speak to the students to share their own experience and counsel at a mutually agreeable time.

Step 4: Market within the community to generate business and inspire additional resident participation in the training.



500 families X $5/month= $2500/month

Community matching =$2500/month

=$5000/month divide by $2000 to rescue 1 child = 2.25 children rescued per month by our school.


Perhaps one day our schools will be a safe refuge and a new life for a child we save.

Buddy System

Who can you call at 3 o’clock in the morning if something happens to you? Have a plan and a backup; work it out with your family, your friends, and their parents so you are prepared for the worst. Ideally, it will never happen, but we all can have a sense of confidence and comfort knowing someone cares enough, and is prepared to help us in our darkest hour.

Make Your Day

What we focus on increases. Abuse has no place if we focus on goodness, developing wisdom, and continually improving ourselves. Catch people doing acts of kindness and post to your social media.

Logo Contest

Student contest to create an OUR SCHOOLS – AWARE and CARE logo.


Host assemblies with great speakers teaching and motivating the student body.

Other Ideas

Restaurant nights where our school supports a local restaurant with part of the proceeds being donated by the restaurant to the campaign.

Screen the Operation Underground Railroad movie at a local movie theater, with proceeds going to the campaign.

We can have a collection box on campus and other TBD fundraisers.


What are some other fundraiser ideas we can do? Send us ideas in the contact page!

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